Walkera 4F200LM Helicopter

We are pleased to bring the classics back to our fans with a scale helicopter at it’s best – the Walkera 4F200LM “Lama 315B” Helicopter is inspired by the famous “Lama 315B” helicopter. The 4F200LM is a very unique model on the market, it features a special Tri-Blade Rotor and a Tri-Blade Tail Rotor which has very few competitors on the market, combining the Auto Stabilizing System (3-Axis Gyro), it performs amazingly stable! The details on the fuselage is stunning, which we’ve never seen on other Walkera Products before, especially the Tail Truss structure, the finishing are so well, just to see the tail pitch pushing mechanism and the tail drive shaft moves is a lot of joy. Furthermore, 4F200LM is a Collective Pitch helicopter, which means all 3 main blades can change angle to generate more wind for quick moving, for Helicopters with this design, it will move much quicker than normal Fixed Pitch Helicopters, this is a very effective design as they use on real helicopters. For this 4F200LM package, you get everything ready to fly, and all the good stuff installed, such as 3-Axis Gyro which helps to stabilize the heli body, the aluminum flybarless rotor head, brushless motor, pitch controlled tail rotor, LED Lights and a well painted body.

Taking orders at: helicopter warehouse


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