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Walkera Furious 215

Adding to our fleet of racing drones, we are pleased to introduce the Furious 215 racer, a 215mm wheel base racing drone, suitable for both professional racing events and thrilling freestyle flying.

With advanced airframe design, the Furious 215 features a simple light-weight body, robust and crash-proof structure.

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UC Drone Inc, the Walkera USA Center for Drones and North America warehouse distribution center.  Besides R&D, our plans are to move as much models and parts to the USA to service our North American customers and dealership, making it the largest Walkera Parts Store outside of China. We recognize this may take time and will be driven by demands, however we will still be able to ship all parts and new models directly from our Walkera factory and even manufacture parts On Demand (JIT).  Warehouses do not like to hold inventory for long, so count on us, we will be conducting sales, deals all year round, so check back for more surplus deals.

Rock on and visit our online store at UCdrone for more details.


Pamkuu Robot

Pamkuu Robots, paint it, weaponized it, the ultimate RC warrior robots for your next battle.  Pamkuu Robots has completed it’s design and began testing and if all goes well will be beta tested at the USA Center for Drones, Seattle, WA. Back to the good old days of modeling, old school meets new tech, build …

Walkera Vitus – folding flying game console

Walkera Vitus 320, with the world’s first mixed reality flying game console.  Designed as a convenient compact folding aerial filming 4K drone, with auto return home using dual GPS and an added gaming function.   Vitus pairs with mobile devices for virtual games. Just find an open field, start the quadcopter, this will be your track or battlefield!  In …


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